Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016

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New York Security Camera News!



New outdoor model available (usually ships in 14 days if not in stock)

Color 1/3" SONY CCD
420/ 540/ 600/ 700TV Lines is optional
Low Illumination (Effio, WDR, OSD, NR)
Weatherproof IR camera
IR LED: ¢5X72PCS  IR LED working distance: 60M
Water resistance: IP66 Cable built-in bracket
Lens: 4-9mm manual zoom lens
Lens Option: 8-20mm manual zoom lens
External lens adjusting
Double voltage available: 12V / 24V
Dimension: 240(W)x186(H)x100(D)mm 
Weight: 3.1 lbs (1.4kg)


What type of system you currently use?

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1. 600-700TVL high-end cameras and high-end DVR or videoserver, no need to upgrade.

2. 480-540TVL top quality cameras and good DVR or videoserver, upgrade has no significant effect, but costs a lot.

3. 400-440TVL cameras and DVR at least 3-5 years in use, upgrade to 540TVL top quality cameras and DVR is highly recommended.

4. 330-380TVL cameras and DVR older than 5 years, upgrade to recent 420TVL or 540TVL is higly recommended and must.


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